About Us

Many beautiful things have inspired us to create a few more beautiful things to share with you. bharatasya.in (initiative of VR Designers) is a designer’s brand that brings a fashion fusion of Indian ethnic with global trends. Our designers’ team nailed the top international trends in fashion accessories that freshen up the look and wardrobe at an easy price. From Classy to peppy, from Chic to street, it’s a celebrate it all fashion accessories brand.

Our aim is to bring to you fashion accessories of any or all occasions of life, be it be your friend’s wedding, a birthday party or a religious festival, you name it and we have those statement pieces to celebrate it all in style.

Today’s fashion is very diverse, as are people’s needs. To help you choose possibly the best through our advice, we try to be detailed in the descriptions of our products and categorize them for you into latest trends and occasions. Its just one click and you are ready for the special day of your life.  

Trends and Occasions on Forefront 

We are always striving to bring to you the top trends of global fashion world for all upcoming occasions. To do so our key rules are:

Don’t Sacrifice:

-Neither do we sacrifice our efforts in research and development.

-NOR let you sacrifice. Just because it’s online does not mean you sacrifice the touch and feel experience of shopping. Thus our very best efforts to make you feel it before you buy it.

No Standard Size:

- We all have our wonderful shapes and we love what we are. Our detailed size guide with each product helps you choose, your style and size.

Nit Pick:

We send out scouts on streets of top trendy world destinations, we research detailed fashion forecasts and then design for you. We are your very own designers, we nit-pick each piece for you.


Service and Quality

Our focus is to endow our customers with a service which is more than they have wished for. We believe in growing by making our customers happy and hence to accomplish our motto of ‘Long Lasting and Ever Increasing Relation with Customers’ we strive to deliver best quality products.

Time is the essence of experience, so to reduce the time lag between placing an order and the delivery; we have the best in class delivery infrastructure outsourced from leading online delivery partners. We have online payment mechanisms which allow our customers to have additional discounts and conveniences and to ensure high level of security for these online payment options our payment partner- CC Avenues which happens to be the No. 1 in online payment service provider is there to make every transaction 100% secure and safe. Surprise complimentary gifts will make your shopping exciting each time.


We wish you an unforgettable buying with us!